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Weekend In Palm Springs

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I've said it before and I'll say it again: summer in San Francisco is miserable. Last summer (our first summer here) I was seriously depressed because of the weather. Especially after living in LA for 6 years, it's was really hard to wear boots and scarves in the middle of July. So this year, I promised myself that we'd go somewhere warm at some point during the summer. We looked into trips to Mexico and Hawaii, but eventually settled on Palm Springs after finding some killer deals on flights & our hotel. Here are a few photos of our trip last weekend if you'd like to see... (click through to read more.)
We discovered that there are super-cheap flights between SFO and Palm Springs especially when you travel at odd times (like we did on Saturday night & Tuesday morning.) Once we booked the tickets, I used Last Minute Travel to find a great deal on our hotel, The Saguaro. I'd seen it in pictures from other bloggers so we were excited to give it a try.

For the price, I can't really complain about the experience... Although, if I'm being honest, it was a little fratty (maybe because there were TWO frats there the same weekend as us.) But they do get points for their amazing fish tacos which we literally ate for every meal.

For the most part, we just chilled by the pool and read. (PS - The Fault In Our Stars is soooooo good.) At one point we attempted to go vintage shopping, but gave up after melting in the intense heat. The second day, it cooled down enough for us to take an evening bike ride over to the Parker Hotel for drinks and snacks. You guys - it's amazing. I want to live there. We spent some time wandering the grounds and planning another vacation when we can stay longer (anyone want to come with??)

At the end of the weekend, we realized this was the first vacation since our honeymoon that we just chilled out for a few days. Most of the time when we travel, we try to jam as much as we can into our time. These trips are always fun, but at the end we never felt rested. Our few lazy days in Palm Springs were a great reminder that we need more do-nothing days.


  1. I LOVE getting away to Palm Springs. For some reason the otherwise unbearable heat is much more tolerant when laying by the pool. We just booked a weekend at our usual spot, the Ace Hotel and we can't wait. We'll have to stay at the Saguaro next time!


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