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4 Days in Paris

Monday, February 17, 2014

Yes, I know it's been almost 4 months since we got back from Paris. But, I figured a late blog post is better than no blog post at all. Since we got back, I've thought about those days in Paris almost every day. It's unlike any other city I've ever been to... it's magical. And I want to move there tomorrow.

It helped that our Airbnb apartment was amazing (and in the perfect location.) We stayed here - right on the Rue Vieille du Temple. There were cafes up and down our street, a bakery 2 doors down, and a gelato place across the street. It was heaven.

On our first day, we wandered around the 4th arrondissement - eating macarons and chocolate along the way. We stopped at L'as du Fallafel to eat the most amazing snack of our lives. Then we walked along the Seine at sunset and watched the city light up. We weren't super hungry at dinner time, so we kept it simple: savory & sweet crepes (from a little stand around the corner from our place) and gelato (obviously.)

The next morning, Zach and I headed towards the 7th arrondissement. We had the most amazing breakfast of our lives at Pain du Chocolate - a little restaurant that was recommended by a friend. We could barely order (thank goodness for those online French lessons!) but ended up with the most beautiful baguettes, and chocolate croissants, and soft boiled eggs, and 3 kinds of cheeses... (I'm salivating right now.)

From there, we walked down Rue Cler towards the Eiffel Tower. I thought it was going to be cheesy, but when you see it in person it's stunning (hence the bazillion photos of it on my Instagram feed.) Pictures just don't do it justice.

After that, we took a quick metro ride up to the Arc de Triomphe then headed to the Louvre & the Tuileries. To warm up, we stopped at Angelina for hot chocolate. Holy cow, guys: this was the best hot chocolate I've had in my whole life!

That evening, we took a long walk around the Bastille (I'd just read a novel about the French revolution) and the 11th arrondissement. For dinner, we ended up at Le Relais de l'EntrecĂ´te. They literally only serve 3 things: salad, steak and fries. You sit down, and they ask 1) whether you want white or red wine and 2) how you like your meat. Once you've finished your plate, they come around and give you seconds. There was a long line when we got there, but it went really fast. Zach and I still talk about how good place was. After that we ended up at Le Caveau des Oubliettes (an underground jazz club in the Latin Quarter) for the rest of the evening.

We spent our 3rd day in the Latin Quarter visiting Hemingway's old haunts. We pretty much ate all morning - croissants, chocolate truffles, and macarons from Laduree. For lunch, we grabbed a baguette from a bakery, cheese from cheese store, meat from a butcher, grapes from a little market and then picnicked on the tip of the Ile de la Cite. It was fun watching the boats pass on either side of the island.

We took an afternoon tour of Notre Dame which was really interesting. Then, we spent some time wandering around the Luxembourg Gardens. France has the best parks. It was November, and their gardens were still blooming and perfectly kept. It was impressive.

For dinner, we met our friends Jana & Shawn at Verjus for 7 courses of pure heaven. With them, we walked to see the Louvre light up and then caught a cab to the Eiffel Tower to see it sparkle. Nighttime in Paris feels so special.

On our last day, it started raining. And I started feeling sick with the flu. So, the day is a bit of a blur. We spent the morning in Montmartre. We ate at Rose Bakery, stopped by Moulin Rouge, and climbed the hill to Sacre Coeur. It was beautiful! I just wish it had been a sunnier day (supposedly it has the best view of Paris - we just couldn't see it because of the rain.) In the afternoon, Zach and I headed back to our apartment so I could take a nap (and do some quick shopping in Cos.)  I still felt sick around dinner time, so we cancelled our reservations at L'Agape (bummer...) and ran down the street to eat at Pink Flamingo Pizza instead. That way, I could crash before our 6am flight home the next morning.

Paris, you have my heart. And I will always love you. :)
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