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Goals for 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yes, I know this post is super typical (my resolutions for 2014!) But everyone knows that resolutions are more likely to stick when you write them down and tell other people. So here I am, being super cliche. Last year at this time, I didn't have the chance to think about my resolutions. We'd just moved to The City and I was just trying to keep my head above water. This year, already feels like a big breath of fresh air.

So here there are, in no particular order:

1.) Drink More Water. I've never liked water. It's so boring. But I bought myself a new water bottle, and have already been bringing it to the studio each day this year. So far, it's working!
2.) Sleep 8 Hours Each Night. This is a tough one. Zach's a night owl, and I end up staying up with him most of the time. That means I've been averaging 6-7 hours a night. Not good. I recently read this article about the effects of sleep deprivation and it scares me...
3.) Find a Workout Routine That Works. Ugh - I hate working out. But I'm determined to find a sustainable routine that works for me.
4.) Take A Photography Class. 
5.) Call My Long-Distance Friends At Least Once A Month. I'm the worst at this. But I want to get better.
6.) Plan Out My Outfits Each day. Stole this one from Jordan. I'm always rushed in the mornings, so I end up wearing the same 3 things every day. This year, I've started picking my outfits for the week on Sunday nights so I make sure I'm being creative with my clothes.

So, there you go. Resolutions! Do you have any this year?


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