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2013 | A Year in Review

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I've probably started writing this post 10 times and still, I'm a little unsure of what I want to say about 2013. Overall, this year was so so good.... but there were also times where it was really hard too.

For instance, we've had so much fun exploring San Francisco, but it's been difficult making new friends and there are points when it's been really lonely. I absolutely love my job and look forward to work each day, but that means it's sometimes hard to put my computer away and focus on my personal life. We got the chance to travel a lot (which has totally ignited my wanderlust), but that makes it harder to be satisfied with our daily routine. And, Zach and I met so many interesting people... but we also grieved the passing of one of our dearest friends.

Life's a mixed bag. And all year, I feel like our "theme" has been learning how to live in this tension between good and bad, yes and no, hot and cold, black and white. We haven't quite figured out how to do this comfortably (maybe that's the point) but we've grown so much from trying.

Anyway, here are a few special moments from this past year:

A. After 6 years in Los Angeles, we packed up and moved to San Francisco on January 2. Starting over has been a total roller coaster, but I wouldn't change the experience for anything.

B. Then in February, I started as the Managing Editor at Oh Happy Day. It's been so incredible to work with (and learn from) so many creative people. Our team has huge plans for 2014 - and I'm so excited to be along for the ride!

C. Zach and I celebrated 2 years of marriage in March. Best 24 months of my life.

D. Zach's sister Kara and her husband Tim came to visit us in April. We spent the whole weekend eating tons of amazing food and exploring the city together.

E. In May, we drove down to LA for my friend Lindsay's baby shower. It was so fun to see all of our old friends and spend time with the beautiful mama-to-be. (Plus, I got to make all the decorations!)

F. Zach and I flew to Toronto for my cousin Jared's wedding in June.

G. In July, my little brother moved to San Francisco and now I get to see him every week! We haven't lived in the same city since he was in high school - so it's been fun getting to know him as an adult.

H. Summer in San Francisco is freeeeezing, so for my birthday in August we flew to LA to soak up some sun. Unfortunately, it was overcast the and cool the entire weekend in Venice. But, the trip was still a success because we got to eat at Gjelina. Yum.

I. My high-school friend Likzy got married at the end of August, so I made a quick 30-hour trip up to Portland for her adorable wedding.

J. Then a few weeks later, I turned around and flew to Toronto for my grandparents' 60th (!!!!) wedding anniversary.

K. October was crazy busy. Jordan (my boss) was in Australia for most of the month. When she got home, we both traveled to New York for a holiday event with Lowe's (all the details here.) We had a blast!

L. From there, I flew to London and met up with Zach and our friends, the Roth's. We spent 4 days wandering through every neighborhood and eating everything in sight.

M. Then, we took a train to Paris, where we spent another 4 days. It was such a magical adventure (more details and photos of that trip to come soon.)

December was quieter. I took some time away from social media, and tried (tried!) to unplug from all the distractions on the internet. We spent some time in Arizona for our friend Leah's funeral, then headed up to Portland to spend Christmas with my parents.

So, there you have it... 2013. I'm looking forward to setting new goals and having a fresh start in 2014. What about you?


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