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Monday, September 23, 2013

It seems like I've taken a lot of red eye flights this year. I think we can all agree that red eyes are from hell, but I've found that if I bring a few key supplies my experience is one million times better.

1. Sleep Mask: This seriously helps - especially if you have a neighbor who keeps messing around with the overhead light.
2. Neck Pillow: I know I've talked about this pillow before. But it's the best. And I will continue to sing it's praises from the rooftops.
3. Ear Plugs: Block out the sound of all those crying babies. (And random cockpit announcements about turbulence.)
4. Hand Sanitizing Wipes: Airplanes are super germy. Sanitizing your hands - and the area around you can cut down your risk of getting sick (especially when your body is sleep deprived.) And don't touch any of these.
5. Warm Socks: Getting cozy always helps me sleep.
6. A Window Seat: Unless you're a frequenting pee-er, camp out next to a window. It's way easier to sleep when your head has a resting place.
7. Scarf: I always bring a big one that can double as a blanket.
8. Eye Drops: I already have dry eyes, and airplanes make them even worse. On red eye flights, I don't wear my contacts and use eye drops whenever I feel my eyes getting itchy. This also helps to prevent literal red eyes when you disembark.
9. Breath Mints: Prevent yucky morning breath until you can brush those pearly whites. I recently read that Smint is the best (although I haven't yet tried them.)

I have friends that bring other stuff (headphones, sleeping pills, water) but for me, those things don't necessarily help. (I guzzle a bunch of water after we land to stay hydrated. Otherwise, I'm climbing over people to get to the restroom throughout the night.)

What about you? What do you bring on red eye flights?


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