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Monday, April 8, 2013

This weekend, we crossed off another thing on our SF to-do list. My friend Kelli has been raving about the Conservatory of Flowers since we moved here. So even though Saturday was a little rainy and overcast, we still marched ourselves out of the house and down to Golden Gate Park.

 I was super-excited about seeing the building up close. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also the oldest wood+glass conservatory in North America. Inside, it houses a variety of tropical plants and flowers including orchids, coffee, cocoa, rice. I couldn't pull Zach away from the Nepenthes. (You know, the carnivorous plants that eat bugs, spiders, small animals... no big deal.)

Honestly, I've been working from home a lot these past few weeks, so if nothing else it was good for me to put on something other than sweatpants and to pull a brush through my hair. C'mon, all you work-from-home folks. Amiright?

Other than that, we didn't do much this weekend. We mostly stayed inside and cooked for each other (Zach makes a mean pot of Spaghetti and my enchiladas are pretty incredible.) We caught up on our favorite shows. We cleaned. We worked. I, being a freakishly fast reader, started and finished 2 novels. (It's a curse - I literally can't start a book and not finish it.) And... that's about it. It was pretty low key.

So, what about you? What were you up to this weekend?


  1. Hoooooray you went!! I hope you loved it, it is such a nice little retreat in the city!

    1. We did! Thanks so much for the recommendation! :)

  2. That sounds lovely! I'm curious about what books you read? Were they good?

    1. I read "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" and "Wench." They were both good, in different ways. "Where'd You Go..." was more of an exciting page-turner, but not super-deep. "Wench" (about enslaved mistresses around the time of the Civil War) was really sad and thought provoking. I'd recommend them both! :)


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