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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

San Francisco has amazing food. And over the last 3 months, Zach and I have been taking serious advantage of it's deliciousness. (Although, I still haven't food a good noodle place. What gives, SF?) We've gorged on sandwiches from Rhea's Deli,  the fish tacos from Tacolicious, Indian street food from Curry Up Now, the pizza from Delfina,  and the ice cream - oh, the ice cream!! - from Bi-Rite. Needless to say, this reckless eating seems to have caught up to us. And besides buying a jumbo pack of Tums, this week we decided it was time to give our bodies a break.

Enter the cleanse. I've had some bad experiences with juice cleanses (meaning, they've ended in failure) so this time I decided to go with Whole Living's Detox Action Plan instead. It feels a little more doable because you actually get to eat food. Still, you're cutting out all dairy, meats, carbs, coffee, and anything processed. Basically, you're eating a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies.

Currently we're on day #2, and I'm kind of a mess. They warn that your body might have a hard time detoxing (headaches, fatigue, etc.) but wow... this is some serious discomfort.  I seriously hope my liver is happy for this vacation, because he certainly owes me one. (Yes, apparently by liver is male.)

Have you ever done a detox? Did you like it? Was it worth it? Did it give the results you wanted? I'm super curious... And I'd love to know!


  1. A few months ago, I did a very similar cleanse for two weeks and the first week was awful. I felt like absolute crap and was getting major headaches. The second week was MUCH easier. While I think eating like that long-term isn't sustainable (especially in a city like SF, with so much great food!), it's a good thing to do a couple times a year. But, no joke, it's hard! I don't know if I could do a solid two weeks again.


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