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SAN FRANCISCO: Our First 2 Months

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's been a solid 2 months since we moved to San Francisco. And this city is finally starting to feel like home. After my meltdown a few weeks ago, things have gotten exponentially better. We're starting to make friends and settle in to our new life.

I realized I haven't really shared about our daily life here. We moved into a TINY, but adorable apartment in Nob Hill. It's double the rent of our old Hollywood apartment and half the size. So, we've had to simplify our possessions and downsize. I'm not complaining, less stuff = less to clean. The apartment has fantastic crown molding, hardwood floors, a built-in hutch, and a lovely claw foot tub. I'm thinking it was built circa 1920. But, I haven't shown any pictures because it still feels like we're in move-in mode. We don't have a couch right now (we're saving up for a new one) and our walls are starkly white. It's a work in progress.

We live in Nob Hill - right next to the cable car line. So in the morning, we wake up to their bells as they roll down the street. We live at the top of the hill, which means it's never really been foggy. But, every evening we can see the fog rolling in around us from our big bay windows.

Our car is in a garage, and we haven't used it in over a month. We've been relying totally on public transportation to get around. Both of us can reach our jobs in less than 30 minutes on the bus - without having to deal with the crazy parking situation throughout the city (I got TWO parking tickets in our first week here.) But using public transit means we've met all kinds of interesting situations including: men wearing short skirts and no underwear, people yelling the "F" word for no reason, and a seat smeared with poo (yup.) It's always an adventure.

That being said, the people here are kinder than they were in LA. They seem more aware of those around them, if that makes sense. Everyone is friendly and they're not pretentious. There's a different energy and I like it.

Obviously, we've still got a lot to learn. And, we've only barely scratched the surface of our "SF To Do" list (below.) But right now, I'm really happy and thankful to be on this new adventure.

Take a ride in a cable car
Sail to Sausalito on the ferry
Take a Graffiti Tour
Visit Amoeba Music
Ride the glass elevators at the St. Francis Hotel
Hike Angel Island
Explore the Exploratorium
Spend the night in a cell on Alcatraz (yikes!)
Attend a reading at City Lights
Fly a kite at Crissy Field
Visit the Mosaic Stairs
Explore the Beat Museum
Get breakfast at Mama's
Hike the stairs of Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower
Slide down the secret slides at Golden Gate Park
Catch a game at AT&T Park
Use the password to drop into Bourbon & Branch
View the Yoda fountain at Lucas Films
Wander around SFMOMA
Make custom fortune cookies at Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory
Visit the Conservatory of Flowers
Attend the SF Ballet
See Lombard Street
Stroll through Yerba Buena Gardens
Catch a movie at the Presido Theatre
Take sailing lessons
Take in the views from the top of Alta Plaza Park
Go vintage shopping in Haight Ashbury
Picnic in Delores Park
Watch the surfers at Kelly's Cove
Bike over the Golden Gate Bridge
Visit the California Academy of Sciences
Spend the day at Ocean Beach
(Let me know if there's anything else I should add!)

Photo by Fred Lyon


  1. Great list! I had to google the golden gate bridge secret slides. We are SO doing that soon!! Alyza would love it.

  2. Omg... secret slides? SECRET SLIDES? Why didn't anyone tell me?!

    Get to Alcatraz asap. It's fantastic. Much more than a tourist trap. Also, take the day trip to Point Reyes. It's stunning. I have a couple amazing shots from there, one we even blew up to poster size for our apartment here in NYC. One of the best trips I've ever taken.

    Seriously though... SECRET SLIDES?

  3. Yay glad things are going better! Kinda love this favorite things per month idea. Brillz.

  4. Alison, remember to add Pie Fridays to your list! It's a stone's throw from your office, and worth drooling over. Have to try the blueberry crumble pie + home whipped cream :) let me know how you like it!


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