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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let me clarify: yesterday wasn't a bad day, just a rough one. I'm course-correcting my life (again), and that always makes me a little introspective and lost-feeling. (Oh dear, I feel as if this blog is just becoming a space to vent - sorry, friends!)

But, I say that all to explain today's post. Some days, I just need to get out of my own head and do something silly. Like, researching instructions for the perfect lip print.

In my defense, I love making fun valentines for Zach and I thought it would be cute to seal them all with a kiss. Only problem is, I've never been able to make a good lip print. (It's pretty hard to do, let me just tell you.) So, I approached my old friend Google to find out how to make a Marilyn-worthy pucker.

People had different opinons. Some said: bend the paper so your lips go around it. Others: hold the paper up to a wall. Still others: put the paper on a table, and then bend down and kiss the table. I tried out all the suggestions, and this is what I got:

No matter what "strategy" I tried, they all kind of looked the same. None were really any better than the others. So, that got me thinking... maybe there's no right way to make a lip print? Maybe every kiss is a good kiss?

How's that for some deep thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon? You're welcome.


  1. This post had me giggling out loud. And now I think I'm going to start putting messed up kissy lips all over the place just for fun.

    My first time here and I love it!

  2. This was a waste of a read.... Thanks for being super unhelpful.


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