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PLAN IT // The Perfect Oscar Party

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The good news: I'm throwing an Oscar Party and you're all invited! The bad news: technically, it's inside my head, so unless you're God or Zach (or me, I guess) it'll be pretty hard to attend.

See, I want to throw an Oscar Party. I want to have a big house, that's neatly organized and all set up. I want to stream live programs... on an actual TV. I want to know a few more people in this city that I could invite. But alas, the fates are not in my favor and we'll be lucky if I get to watch The Oscars at all from the mini screen of my laptop.

Not to be deterred, I'm still planning an incredible soiree (albeit imaginary):

I've picked out these oh-so-glamourous sequined tablecloths that will be pared with simple white floral arrangements.

And there will definitely be a variety of confetti poppers (1, 2, 3) for guests to use in celebration when their favorite movie/actor wins.

I'm expecting a few celebs to show up too. For some reason, they weren't invited to the Academy Awards this year... something about them being "dead" or whatever. Good thing they're still alive in my heart.

Um, can we just talk about those gold balloons up there? Paired with a few white and black friends, I'm thinking they're gonna make an awesome statement.

Oh, and all attendees will be required to dress up. Sparkles get you extra points. I will be secretly judging your attire, so you better dress to impress. Otherwise, I might not let you in the door. #Sorrynotsorry. (Side note: isn't my friend Kelly the prettiest? She rocks that black dress and bow like it's nobody's business.)

And there will be cupcakes topped with sparklers because that's awesome. And, every cocktail will come with a pom pom swizzle stick. And people will get their own stars to mark their spot at the table.

And finally, the night's going to end with a bang because I obviously have the budget to afford a 20 minute firework show. What can I say? I throw a good party.

Ok, but seriously. Does anyone know how to stream the Oscars on Sunday? Help a sista' out! (Please.)


  1. I love this. I find myself sometimes planning imaginary parties too :)

    1. Oh good. :) So happy to know I'm not alone!

  2. Hilarious! I plan parties all the time in the confines of my own mind. Hoo boy! They are stylish and exciting and everyone comes! Then I open my eyes and find myself in PJs with a giant bottle (maybe a box) of wine and my fella.

    I guess option 2 is good too.

    I can't wait for the Oscars! It's one of the girliest things about me.

    1. Um, yes. A box of wine doesn't sound too bad to me. :) Enjoy those Oscar, lady. Wish we could watch together!

  3. WHAT a party!! I would totally attend- the lure of the confetti poppers is just too much!


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