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MAKE IT // Valentine's Day Postcards

Friday, February 8, 2013

Remember that one time when I tried to make Valentine's Day cards for my friends and they looked like poop? Yea, me neither.

But, let's imagine that I had made some ugly Valentine's... I'm thinking I probably could've salvaged at least one of them. I mean, I could've cut it up, and turned it into lips, and then wasted time photographing myself making kissy-faces with it.

I could've then realized that all my crafting wasn't in vain. I could've edited one of these photos in Afterglow and then loaded it onto my computer. I could've added some color and text in photoshop.

 I mean, I guess I could've printed my newly edited photo multiple times onto cardstock and then cut them into postcard shapes with my paper cutter.

 I could've written short love notes on the back - to let my friends know I hadn't forgotten about them, even though I butchered their original cards. I could've sent them out and felt satisfied with a craft project that was finally successful.

But, that would've only happened if I had made some really terrible Valentine's Day cards to begin with. And we all agreed that it never happend, right?


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