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Friday, February 1, 2013

It's February playlist time! When I started making this list, I attempted to go for a "love" theme, but it just turned into a "most-of-the-songs-are-kinda-about-love-but-I-really-just-picked-songs-I-like-right-now" theme.

Anyway, last year I was super into folk music. But, lately I've been feeling my style changing again. I think Zach's love of Electronica is starting to rub off on me. So, this latest playlist is an odd blend of psychedelia/electro-pop/indie folk music. I'm obsessed with it... but what do you guys think? (As always, if you've got Spotify you can listen straight from the app below. Or, you can subscribe to my playlist from your own computer. Zach said he was having trouble finding it yesterday, so if you get lost my username is: 126263062.)

Any other music I should be listening to?

PS - We bought tickets for Passion Pit in March! I've heard they're amazing in concert, so I'm super stoked!



  1. Passion Pit IS awesome in concert. Yay! Have fun!

  2. Well I officially love you now. ha I just bought basically this entire list off iTunes! And now I will forever be grateful to you for making my ears and heart happy for the next month of my life. :)

    1. Well, you just made my heart happy! I'm so glad you like it. xoxo


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