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EXPLORING SF: The Marina & Cow Hollow

Monday, February 4, 2013

Like I mentioned after we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, before we moved to SF I'd only been here once - for 10 hours. And that means I really haven't experienced everything the city has to offer. Thus, Zach and I have been spending our weekends exploring all the neighborhoods around our new home.

This weekend, we took a bus up north to the Marina/Cow Hollow.

 I still can't get over how beautiful this bay is. We ended up just standing on a pier watching the seagulls, and sailboats, and tourists for a long while. It was a little foggy, but in the distance you could just make out that famous red bridge - oh, and Alcatraz was clearly in view as well.

Then, we walked along the Bay up to the Marina.

I've been noticing that SF ladies dress differently than LA ladies. Everyone (and I mean everyone) around town wears lululemon. And, I've seen more North Face puffer vests and Rainbows in the last week than in the last year. So, I decided to ease myself in and officially embrace my new roots - with a pair of quality yoga pants. (I bought them to encourage myself to use that new gym membership, but you'll know I've truly crossed over when I start wearing them to Trader Joes.)

We loved walking up and down Chestnut and Union Streets - they were jam packed with shops, cafes, theaters, and people. Then, we'd heard good things about Super Duper Burgers, so we stopped for a quick (and delicious) bite of the first red meat we'd eaten in... a month? I happened to like it better than In-N-Out; Zach wasn't as convinced.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who gave us recommendations last week - they were really helpful. And, please keep them coming! We need to make a Target run this upcoming weekend, so we're headed down to explore SOMA. We'd love any/all suggestions on places to go!


  1. I find the North Face puffer vest + Rainbows sandals juxtaposition so funny - like, why is it cold enough for your chest but your toes are having hot flashes?

    It's been fun reading your adventures in SF, Ali!

  2. Haha - I love that you understand what I"m talking about! I guess I'll get used to these fashion changes. :)

    Thanks for reading along!! xoxo

  3. No yoga pants outside of yoga! I've lived in this city for 13 years now, and I still have not crossed over. :)


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