CAMERAS (The Disposable Kind)

Monday, February 11, 2013

When I was in high school, my friends and I LOVED disposable cameras. At my parents' home in Portland, I have boxes and boxes of ridiculous photos from every occasion. But, I hadn't thought about my former obsession until I started working at a few months back. There, my friend Kelly was constantly taking photos with her army of disposables... and it made me realize just how fun they can be.

Inspired, I bought one for myself and toted it around in my purse for a month. Most of the pics turned out to be duds, but I still managed to catch a few interesting moments:

The only problem is that it still takes me forever to get them developed. This roll was from October (hence the pumpkins) but I just developed them last week. I couldn't remember what I'd captured until I picked them up at Walgreens.

What about you? Are you a disposable or digital kind of person?


  1. This is so great. I really miss the anticipation and surprise of picking up your photos.

    1. Thanks! They're kind of fun, right? I need a little practice, but who knows? In time I might become a professional disposable camera-er. :)

  2. I have some disposable cameras from years ago I keep meaning to develop lol your cool pics make me really want to do it!

  3. I love disposable cameras! I especially love the interesting outcomes like double exposures and darker colors. I make sure to always have one handy!



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