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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The nice thing about living in SF now is that we get to see my brother more often. Arden works for a company that has him flying all over the US - but he seems to be in Northern California more than anywhere else. Last night, he called us up, said he was in town, and asked where we should meet up for dinner.

It was then that I realized I had NO idea where to eat. Thanks to Yelp, we ended up at Barbacco, where we feasted on brussel sprouts fried in duck fat (yum!) but the evening did make me a little homesick for all the LA places we used to haunt.  

I'm really missing...

So, SF friends - fill me in! I keep hearing amazing things about the foodie scene here, but we don't know where to start! Which restaurants should we try ASAP?


  1. Don't you worry-- I grew up in LA and there are definitely places that rival LA spots (some even beat them), but for some of the above foods, I'd recommend:

    Umami has always been my favorite burger joint in LA and they FINALLY opened one up here in SF (unfortunately in the marina, though).

    SF has some insane ice cream rivalries -- Bi-rite for creamy classic goodness, Humphrey Slocombe if you need some daring flavors (jesus juice is red wine and cola, while secret breakfast is bourbon and cornflakes). Also-- if you just want to pick some up, I love local company: three twins for delicious flavors that feel a bit lighter than typical ice cream (sold at whole foods) or Straus creamery too (i love ice cream, clearly)

    We have an amazing sorbet company (scream sorbet) that makes tons of fresh, vegan sorbets in amazing flavors.

    Dumplings are a bit of a chase here in SF-- everyone is trying to find the best xiao long bao and there are both dive places and really nice places to try from. Of the divey spots, Kingdom of Dumpling and Dumpling Empire (south sf) are my favorites, and Yank Sing and Hakkasan also do them (but much pricier).

    Tacolicious is kind of a go-to taco place. It's not super authentic as it's more of a restaurant than a taqueria, but it's pretty tasty and the drinks and atmosphere are fun.

    Hope this helps you find your way around the food scene. There is a lot more (by volume) good food in this city than in LA so you will probably not be disappointed by any suggestions from a local. I'm not really updating my old food blog, but feel free to check out if you want to see some of my recaps.


    1. Sandy - thank you so much for your suggestions! You are seriously a life saver. Can't wait to try all of these out!

  2. East Bay: Cheeseboard - pizza and cheese heaven! Also Bakesale Betty for many things and Local 123 for espresso. In SF: try Tacolicious, any Philz Coffee, also Four Barrel and Ritual for coffee! Try Tartine (bakery)!

    1. Yum - we tried Tartine for breakfast last week, and LOVED it. Thanks for the recommendation! Can't wait to try the others!

  3. as sandy mentioned- umami is opening up in SF.

    if you're in the east bay ever- must try pizzaiolo or boot and shoe service or homeroom.

    1. Thanks Lydia! I can't wait to try these out. Now we have a great reason to check out Oakland!

  4. Can't help you with SF, but thanks for a few tips on the LA food scene! Several of your go-to spots I haven't tried yet!

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think after you try them out!


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