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Sunday, January 6, 2013

This weekend has been rough. Zach and I are desperately trying to find an apartment so we can stop living out of a suitcase and finally start settling into our new city. In the last 3 days, I've been to 11 open houses/apartment viewings. On this hunt, we found 1 that would be perfect... but of course, 20 other people thought so too. We're crossing our fingers that our application stood out amongst the rest - and that we'll get a happy call tomorrow morning. (So, we'd love if you could send a little prayer our way!)

In the mean time, to settle my anxious mind, I've been trying to distract myself. Yesterday, we finally saw Les Mis (poor Zach had to deal with me sobbing, literally sobbing, my way through "I Dreamed A Dream.") Today, we grabbed brunch, watched season  2 of Portlandia, and I started editing the many many photos from our recent trip to Germany and Austria. And, to keep things simple while we figure things out, this week I thought I'd share some of the better ones here on the blog.

First up: our 2 days in Munich.

Zach and I traveled to Berlin a few years ago, but we've never been down into the south of Germany - to Bavaria. So, this trip was a new experience for us. We met up with my parents and brother at the airport in Munich and then spent 2 days exploring the city, drinking lots of beer, and eating mountains of pretzels, chocolate, and sausage.

In our 2 days, we got to explore most of the city: including the old palace where the Bavarian kings and queens used to live. Although most of it was destroyed in WW2, the city's done a great job of restoring the various rooms to accurately reflect what life would've been like (ornate, right?)

And, our trip wouldn't have been complete if we didn't make a pit stop at Hofbrauhaus for a liter of Hofbrau Original. (Yeah, this trip wasn't great for our healthy eating plan... but, it was oh-so-delicious.) 

We ended our time in Munich at Englischer Garten, where we spent a solid hour watching surfers ride the wave of the Eisbach River. Seriously, these guys were crazy good. I was impressed by all the tricks they nailed on just a little wave.

So, there you go! Munich. Tomorrow... Neuschwanstein Castle & Innsbruck!


  1. lovely! we're going to Austria in April, the same place we've already been to a while ago, Bad Gastein, near Salzburg, it's so very nice! good luck with the house!

    1. Thanks! How fun - next time we'll have to check out Bad Gastein. We just didn't have enough time to see everything. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  2. I have always wanted to go to Germany! Nice pictures.

    1. Thanks! You should definitely go sometime! Totally worth the 16+ hours of travel. :)


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