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Monday, December 17, 2012

Zach and I are in crazy-people packing mode right now.... but I wanted to stop in and say how much fun we had at our going away party last night! I wasn't able to capture many photos of our friends (I was too carried away with catching up with everyone) but I definitely grabbed some photos of the food before everyone showed up. 

I love any excuse to entertain, so I think I went a little crazy with the appetizers we served. Oh well, they were delicious. 

Like I mentioned, we have to pack up our whole house (and paint it white!) by Wednesday, so I don't have time to type out the recipes for everything, but I thought I'd include links in case you want to try some options out at your next party.  

We served tiny brie bites (made with crackers, slices of brie, fig jam, and rosemary sprigs), bruschetta (my own recipe involving lots of garlic, salt and olive oil), bacon wrapped dates (stuffed with pistachios and apricot,) Italian pinwheels (pesto+cheese+turkey+spinach+rolled tortilla,) and caprese skewers (a simple take on the classic salad.) 

For dessert, I made my great aunt's chocolate crinkle recipe, some molasses gems, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Overall, the party went over without a hitch! Except for some minor conflicts with our downstairs neighbor (involving her banging a broom on our floor) and a super messy kitchen this morning, it was so much fun. Thanks to everyone who made the long trek in the rain to send us off - it means the world to both Zach and I!

More updates on the move tomorrow!


  1. Bruschetta is one of my favorites! I love mine with basil :D

  2. well, you 2 throw a party like nobodies business! i'd never wanna leave with a super delish spread like that going on. holy heavens Alison, our order-in dinner hasn't arrived yet and i'm biting (literally) at the bit while looking through your stunning pics. yum delum and then some is what! bravo and a high held cheer, plus i gotta say a huge huzzah about your impending move. i sure hope everything goes well for you both; ess eff is somewhere i dream of living myself so thank goodness i can live vicariously through your experience.

    really appreciate this post b/c i'm planning an early January gathering and these recipes will come in very handy! may your move be like liquid candy...sweet + smooth. ♥

  3. I love your blog is so beautiful. All the photos and everything! x


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