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Monday, November 5, 2012

Zach and I always leave our Halloween costumes to the last minute. Sometimes this strategy works out well... and sometimes it doesn't. (Babe, remember that one year when you were Josh Groban and everyone just asked why you were wearing a tie?) I can't say that our getup this year was especially creative, but at least people knew who we were.

I was more impressed with my friend Sarah who can still fit into her cheerleading uniform from high school. Or with Amanda and Maribel who looked like they stepped right out of an old Pan Am commercial. 

Yep. Apparently, nerds are very popular this time of year.  Allyson one-upped us by bringing a chemistry book. But I think I get points for wearing my old retainer... who knows how many times I dug that thing out of the trash can in high school?

What were you for Halloween? Next year, I'm hoping we can be a little more prepared... so if you have any ideas for couple costumes, send 'em my way!


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