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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This year, Zach and I are spending Christmas with his family. On December 20, they're all arriving at his sister's place in Venice and for a solid 5 days we'll be partying it up! Since there are so many of us now (marriage and stuff,) we have the tradition of playing Secret Santa for the gift-giving... but it always comes with a twist. Last time, each Secret Santa had to MAKE their gift. This year? Our gifts can't cost more than $25.

To help our relatives out, we're supposed to put together a wishlist. And, since I've been working on mine this week - I thought I'd share it here too. That way, if you're stumped on what to get that sister wife of yours, I've got ya covered.

What do you hoping for this Christmas?

ring   //   socks   //   slippers   //   scarf   //   hat   //   collar   //   head scarf   //   tights


  1. I'd hate getting socks for Christmas.. anything but socks!

    1. Really? As long as they're good socks, I love it!


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