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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well, if all goes according to plan, Zach will be breaking out his lederhosen this winter. What started as my brother's whim a few weeks ago has turned into an all-out family vacation in Austria. And come December 26, Zach and I will be meeting my parents and brother in the Alps.

Apparently, Christmastime in Salzburg is magical.  I know it's perfect for winter sports and that The Sound of Music was filmed there... but other than that, I really don't know much about the city. Have any of you been there? Anything we just can't miss? I can't believe we'll be leaving two months from now!

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  1. So awesome! How cool to be there for Christmas?!

  2. You are going to LOVE it. They have open air Christmas Bazaar and incredible food, of course. Salzburg was the one European city that felt like I could fit myself into it. The cobblestone and warm people feel like home. Soak it up!!

  3. Ali - I was there in December once a long time ago. It's absolutely gorgeous - exactly like what you are probably imagining in your mind. Enjoy!!

  4. Salzburg is wonderful! Cozy cafes, mountains, sceneries, good food, I want to go back.. and I think next year we'll have a holiday there!

    Here is one of my blog posts (just photo):

  5. My sister sent me this post as my husband and I just moved back from living in Austria for 3 1/2 years. We had a wonderful time in Salzburg around Christmas time last year. You will love it!

  6. Wear a lot of cozy clothes and definitely enjoy some coffee at the cafes! This will sound weird, but I loved going to the graveyard where Nannerl Mozart was buried. The graveyards are so beautiful. It's just a nice city to walk around in too!


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