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Monday, September 24, 2012

Saturday mornings are sacred in the Piepmeyer household. Our favorites are spent lounging, listening to records, not cleaning, and eating poached eggs with tomatoes.

This last weekend, I was feeling particularly sentimental about our ritual (because I know we won't be in this season, or apartment, forever.) I decided to take a few photos of my favorite moments so that whenever we move on, I can remember the little things about our life here. Like: how we catch up on all our TV shows in bed, or how there's constantly a pile of shoes on our bedroom floor, or how pretty the light in our shower is (despite how it never looks clean - no matter how hard I scrub), or how our towels hang haphazardly from the rack that Zach hung when we moved in.

These pictures show just how hard it is for me to keep our house clean on the weekends. But, I'm learning that loveliness can be found in the messes we make. Don't you think?


  1. love this! so beautiful. this is what autumn weekends should be like!


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