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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey California, despite all your faults you've still got some good stuff goin' for ya. Your weather is incredible, your culture is diverse and exciting, and your beaches and mountains are pretty fun too. But, let's not forget the most important thing: you make a mean avocado.

Since I moved to your state, I've learned that avocados taste good on everything. I've learned that it's completely acceptable to sit on a kitchen counter and eat a whole one raw... with just a spoon and some salt.

But lately I've discovered that avocados taste even better on sourdough toast... especially when they're mashed up with a little lemon and olive oil, then sprinkled with salt and red pepper flakes.

It's like, the perfect breakfast (and pairs nicely with a big ol' glass of juice.)

So, thanks California. One day when I move away, I'll fit nicely into that cliche group of people who keep talking about their younger years in Los Angeles... and those avocados.


  1. I was born and bred in California and just recently moved to Maine. Man, do I miss California avocado and citrus.Not to mention proper Mexican food. That stuff just isn't as good out here.

  2. there's nothing like Avocado! Thank you ;)


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