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Monday, August 6, 2012

During our road trip to Vancouver last week, we made an afternoon pit stop in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.... and Zach and I fell in love. Not only did we pick our our future home (a little loft in the center of the action,) but we also stumbled upon the best Crossroads Trading Co. that I've ever been to. After a solid few hours in the store, I walked away with a full bag of new-to-me goodies.

One of my favorite purchases was this magenta blouse. It was love at first sight - so much so, that I was able to overlook the fact that it was from Forever 21 (my arch nemesis.) I love its retro-vibe. And, the little polka dots give it great texture (even though I'd probably still love it without them.)

Since I got a new job last week (more on that later,) I've been having fun putting together office attire again. This shirt is the perfect addition to my work wardrobe! Because it's still too hot to wear pants, I like layering it with a simple, but high contrast, polka dot skirt.

What are your go-to work appropriate outfits?


  1. I'm in love with your skirt! Also, hooray for a new job, go you! Could you send some new job vibes my way?

    1. thanks lady! i'm super excited... i'll definitely send some good job vibes your way. you're a catch for any company!

  2. This outfit is perfect!
    And toe-touch for the new job!!! Can't wait to find out what it is. Must be pretty awesome if you can wear something this schnazzy!


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