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Tyler Gets Married

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

 I remember when my cousin Tyler started dating Alison Koepke. I got a call from my brother: "Hey." He said. "Tyler's dating a girl named Alison. If they get married, you won't be the only Alison Rienas in the world."

We laughed... and then told the same joke when we first met her (as I'm sure many other relatives did.) And, she took it graciously in stride (even after the joke had been told 100 million times, poor girl.)

Well this weekend, Tyler and Alison DID get married, and now she really IS the new Alison Rienas.

Their wedding took place at a cute little farmhouse near Vancouver, B.C. The bride was stunning in a vintage inspired gown (that I drooled over all night.) And all the simple vintagey details completely reflected her personality. It was seriously beautiful.

My family made a road trip of the event (because, what family gathering wouldn't be complete without a road trip?) So Zach and I flew to Portland and met my parents, then traveled up I-5 (with a stop in Seattle to pick up my brother and eat some Molly Moon's ice cream.)

All in all - pretty much the perfect weekend. :)

Congrats Tyler and Alison Rienas! (And, for the record, there's no one else who I'd rather have my name. I'm leaving it in good hands!)


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