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Friday, August 10, 2012

I've always been really into birthdays. I used to start talking about my birthday a month before it happened. And then, I'd throw myself these huge and infamous parties (shark party, anyone?) with lots and lots of people - all celebrating me (because really, when else can the world revolve around you alone?)

But I must be getting old or something, because in the past few years I haven't cared so much. In fact, I've preferred instead to keep things simple. I just want: a morning alone with my husband, my closest friends to remember that it's my birthday, my family to call, and a simple dinner that I don't have to cook. Anything else is an added bonus.

This year, one of my added bonuses was the party I got at my new job. I walked in to a pile of presents, a birthday crown, and a huge cookie with my name on it. (Those girls really know how to make a gal feel special.)

Another bonus is the mini-party I'm having next weekend with my closest friends. It'll be small and simple (again, I don't want to cook.) But, I'm excited to see some old friends that don't get out to Hollywood all that often.

How do you celebrate birthdays? Are you big and bold? Or, do you prefer to keep things simple?


  1. I'm super into birthdays as well. I think it's because my bday is 3 days before Christmas so I never really got to have a big party (people out of town, to many other parties going on, etc). My BF hates birthdays and really can't understand why I want to make such a big deal about everyone's special day... Just one of those things I guess! Happy Birthday!

  2. A little bit of both is ideal for me. One big night to celebrate with friends..probably on the weekend following or prior to the big day. And on the actual day, just an intimate gathering with the closest of friends. This year mine was on a Monday so I had girlfriend's over for wine and cake baking. It was low key and perfect! PS - LOVE the vintage find!


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