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Monday, July 30, 2012

 I feel like a terrible blogger... I've been completely inconsistent this week.

In my defense, I got some exciting news (which I'll be hopefully sharing soon!) But, my new schedule kind of screwed up my blogging - including the remainder of ice cream week!

Then, Zach and I jetted off to Vancouver, B.C. for my cousin's wedding (isn't his bride beautiful?!) I was fully planning on blogging from Canada, but then I forgot that we'd have limited access to wifi. And again, blogging schedule = screwed up.

Hopefully, this week will prove more successful. I promise to be around more!

That being said, this break has been really nice. And it's hard to think about going back to real life...


  1. Well as long you are fine there is no need to fret!
    Happy it was a good reason to be missing, can't wait to read about it :)


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