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My Summer Reading List

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My favorite summer days are the long, lazy ones spent with my nose in a book. There's something so magical about getting wrapped up in a good story... although Zach laughs at my tendency to become so absorbed in a book that I forget to do important things (like make us dinner.)

This summer, my reading list has been peppered with some good ol' classics and some book club choices. So far, only one has been a dud (I didn't finish The Wind Up Bird Chronicles and instead used the pages to make a table runner.) But, most have been gems. (Yea, yea. Bridget Jones' Diary is pure trash... But I can't help but laugh out loud when I read it!)

Are you a reader? What's on your list this summer?


  1. How did you like Anne of Green Gables? I love L.M. Montgomery there's at least 7 or 8 in that series and the Emily of New Moon Trilogy is good too :)


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