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Life with the Pieps

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Friday, I announced that I'd be starting a new Friday column ("Life with the Pieps") to help me practice my photography and document my life. But despite my great intentions this week, I think I failed. I brought my camera with me practically everywhere, but I felt awkward and clumsy. And, I didn't get very many good shots. Oh well, I guess that's why you have to practice, right? 

Though you can't tell from the above photos, this week was surprisingly jam-packed with exciting adventures. I found a fun little thrift store in Pasadena (where I got the above lamp and storks.) Zach and I had dinner at Oscar's Cerveteca in Venice with friends. We brought a picnic to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch Bringing Up Baby. We revisited our favorite noodle place in Atwater Village. We had corn-flake flavored ice cream at Scoops. I listened to our new Thriller record on repeat. And, I got a fun little gift from my friend Ashley (from Sugar & Cloth.)

Wouldn't it have been great if I could've caught all that on camera? Yea, I know. 

But, I'll get another shot this weekend. My little brother's in town, and we've got lots of exciting events on the agenda. 

Do you have any fun plans? 


  1. The lamp (and shade) look awesome!!!

  2. I get that feeling quite a lot with my camera, especially since it is so large. It is hard for me to get past the odd feeling that people think I'm weird taking pictures of everything :)

    Your pics look great though!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to know I'm not alone with the awkward picture-taking. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ashley! That means a lot, coming from you. :)

  4. i love these kinds of candid moment shares - the sweet spots around your home, spinning vinyl + your beautiful, reflective spirit! um and corn-flake flavor ice cream sounds incredible :)

    Alison i totally get you about feeling awkward pulling out the camera. that happens to me too and another thing is i get overwhelmed so easily sometimes when i'm behind the lens. it's that frustrating element of trying to get just the right angle to capture the vision you have in your minds eye. oi, i scratch my head and bow down to the peeps who have that natural knack. ah, that'd be you too cos these shots and all your photography seshs are really fab, just so you know!

    bet your weekend with the bro was a big blast, can't wait to see what you've captured from those moments. cheers. ♥

    1. You're so encouraging! I'm nowhere near as good as I want to be... but I'm trying! And, I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my awkwardness. I guess we're all in this together. :)

      BTW - I've been thinking about you lately! We're headed to Vancouver next week, and I'm so excited to try out some of your suggested haunts!!


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