Life with the Pieps

Friday, July 6, 2012

In an effort to become a better photographer (especially when it's spur of the moment,) I've been carrying my camera around with me wherever I go. It's been fun to try and capture the beautiful moments sprinkled through my everyday routine.

To showcase these moments (and because a few of you have asked to see/hear more about my life,) I've decided to start a new series on Fridays called "Life with the Pieps." It'll be simple - just lots of pretty pictures of the current week's activities. My hope is that it allows you to feel closer to Zach and I. Or, maybe it'll inspire you to go out and capture your own special memories. :)

This week included lots of big breakfasts, a watercolor binge, a 4th of July barbeque and a spur of the moment birthday party.

Happy Friday!

{photos by me}


  1. Beautiful blog, so in love with your photos!

    1. Oh thanks! You're so sweet. :) I love your photos too... They're inspiring!


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