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Monday, July 30, 2012

 I feel like a terrible blogger... I've been completely inconsistent this week.

In my defense, I got some exciting news (which I'll be hopefully sharing soon!) But, my new schedule kind of screwed up my blogging - including the remainder of ice cream week!

Then, Zach and I jetted off to Vancouver, B.C. for my cousin's wedding (isn't his bride beautiful?!) I was fully planning on blogging from Canada, but then I forgot that we'd have limited access to wifi. And again, blogging schedule = screwed up.

Hopefully, this week will prove more successful. I promise to be around more!

That being said, this break has been really nice. And it's hard to think about going back to real life...

EAT IT // Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let the record show that Zach said this couldn't be done.

When I announced that I would be making ice cream without an ice cream maker, Zach scoffed at me. He said something about chemistry class, and needing salt, and how hard it was, and... then I stop listening. I was determined to prove him wrong and today, I have: by making ice cream using only a hand mixer and our freezer. 

We're currently on a semi-health food kick, so this recipe is a little different than normal ice cream. It only requires 3 ingredients: coconut milk, honey, and vanilla. After mixing these three ingredients together in a big bowl, you put it in the freezer for a half hour... then take it out to mix it... then put it in the freezer again for a half hour... then take it out to mix it... then put it in the freezer for a half hour... You get the idea.

After a while, it gets a really creamy texture. Then it gets hard to mix... and that's when you know it's done.

Ultimately, it's SUPER easy. It just takes a little time. And, we all need more practice in being patient, right?

Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream
Adapted from The Nourishing Gourmet 

2 14-oz. cans of full fat coconut milk
1/3-1/2 cup honey
2 tbsp. vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients (with a mixer) in a sturdy bowl. Place the bowl in the freezer and wait a half hour. 
Remove the bowl and use the mixer to stir the ingredients. Place the bowl in the freezer and wait a half hour. (Repeat this step until the ice cream is frozen.) It will likely take 2-3 hours.

MAKE IT // Ice Cream Cone Garland

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you're reading the blog for the first time this week, you should know we're in the middle of an ice cream celebration! July is National Ice Cream month, so we're dedicating all our posts to this amazing frozen treat!

In yesterday's WEAR IT post, I was wrapped in an ice cream cone garland. And today, I'm going to teach you how to make this fun little thing. (Because, really: National Ice Cream month should be a bigger deal. It's certainly big enough to garner it's own decorations!)

I have to give credit to Creature Comforts, from where I originally found the idea. I just tweaked it to make it more of a ice cream cone garland, instead of a snow cone garland.

Ultimately, it's super easy... it just takes some time (and patience.) So, if you wanna make it, here's what you need:

And here's what to do:

(The template I used for the ice cream cone can be found on the Creature Comforts blog post.)

Annnnnd, that's it! Perfect for your kid's birthday party, or a barbeque, or to hang on your porch. I'm dying to hang mine up somewhere fun. (For a while, it was hanging above our bed. But then Zach kept poking his head on the cones and it had to be relocated...)

Happy Tuesday! (And congrats to Allyce Smith, the winner of the Right Soap Giveaway!)


Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you ever just feel sad? Maybe because someone disappointed you... or, because you've lost a friend... or, because nothing seems to be going right... or, because the world is just icky?

I'm having one of those days. I just feel sad.

I know this blog is normally filled with all kinds of happy things - to the point where an anonymous "friend" (?) recently implied that it's hard to relate with because of all the "bragging/gloating." But, I want people to know that I feel pain too. And right now, I'm feeling pretty broken.

So if you're feeling sad today, know that you're not alone: I'm there with ya. Sometimes it's nice to have a friend that's going through the same thing.

(photo source)

WEAR IT // Ice Cream Inspiration

Did you know that July is national ice cream month?? (So, obviously July is my new favorite.)

To celebrate, this entire week of Hello Lately posts will be devoted to my beloved frozen obsession: ice cream. And, it all starts with today's fashion post.

When I think of ice cream, I think of summer... and bright colors... and warm breezes... and lots of yellow (probably because the cones are yellow?) So, when I picked the clothes for this shoot, I tried to find clothes that evoked the same emotions.

I've mentioned this before, but I love mixing patterns. Here, the yellow stripes on the shirt match the yellow in the skirt, so they tie together nicely. Then, the pink in the necklaces pulls the eye up from the skirt towards my face. I wore minimal accessories so they wouldn't detract from the statement of the necklace and the pattern in the skirt.

Yum. Now I want some ice cream... Good thing we have the good stuff in our freezer.

Stay tuned! Later this week, I'll teach you how to make the garland above... and (hopefully) how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker... and what my favorite LA ice cream shops are (frozen yogurt was so last year.)

But before you go, make sure you enter the Right Soap giveaway (here)! Today's the last day!

Oh - and if you'd like to see the other "thrifted" posts, you can find them here, here & here

New Hello Lately Cards

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In case you missed the announcement, I just loaded a BUNCH of new Hello Lately cards to the Etsy shop. Now we've got cards for weddings, engagements, new babies, and birthdays galore! We hope you like them!

If you have any questions, you can always reach me directly at:

Happy Sunday...


Life With the Pieps

Friday, July 20, 2012

 I know I probably say this a lot, but this past week has FLOWN by. All week, I've felt like I've been constantly playing catch-up... to no avail. It's already Friday, and there are still so many things left undone.

That being said, it was an incredibly fun week. My younger brother Arden was in town and we spent tons of time outside (which is always so refreshing.)  We went to the beach (even though it was annoyingly cloudy,) attended a free concert in downtown LA with Kara & Tim, chowed down on the best summer salad, and watched free Shakespeare in Griffith Park

This weekend, I'm planning an attempt at homemade ice cream (sans an ice cream maker.) We'll see how that goes...

What are you doing these next few days?

Max Wanger

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Every once in a while, I come across an artist that blows my mind. Their work forces me to stop and stand in awe - and stirs up all sorts of emotion.

Max Wanger is one of those artists. From the moment I saw his photography, I was hooked. His stuff is stunningly beautiful and unique... and I love it. You might even say I'm obsessed.

So, a few months ago when he tweeted that he needed models for a photography workshop, I responded right away. (And then told Zach to take a morning off work.)

You've probably heard me talk about this event before (I even showed you pics from Our Labor of Love.) But last night I received Max's images from the day, and I've been drooling ever since.

MAKE IT // Crepe Paper Flowers

So, I consider myself to be a pretty crafty person. If I want to make something... I usually can. With ease. Thus, when I saw this tutorial for crepe paper flowers on, I imagined myself happily filling every vase in our home with colorful crepe paper blossoms. My imaginary bouquets were beautiful - and cheap! And all of my imaginary friends (who are equal parts rich and famous) were impressed with my skills. In fact, they all requested that I become their personal floral arranger.

My imaginary self, however, had never worked with floral tape. And when the real me picked up a roll - all of my fantasies were quickly shattered.

Reality looked a little more like this: crepe paper petals strewn about our kitchen and living room, strips of floral tape crumpled into piles on the table, and me cursing under my breath.

Eventually, I got the hang of it - enough to make 3 little rosebuds (which now grace my nightstand.) But, I'm not even going to pretend to be an expert in crepe paper flower making. In fact, I'm going to keep things simple. I'll show you the supplies...

But, if you want to attempt making these, just follow Martha's tutorial. It's more in-depth than I could ever be.

And just know that your little buds won't look good from the beginning. This process definitely takes some practice. My first attempt looked like this:

It's supposed to be a peony. I guess it looks ok, it just doesn't look like a peony.

Oh well, I guess eating humble pie once in a while is healthy (actually, I'm sure of it.) Plus, I'll get better with practice.

Just don't be expecting me to bring you crepe paper flowers anytime soon, mmmk?

(Before you go - have you entered the Right Soap giveaway yet?)

Road Trip Essentials

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No summer is complete without at least one road trip.

Ours is happening next weekend, when we trek from Portland up to Vancouver (for my cousin's wedding.) The 6 hour car ride is one of my favorites... (If you can say that about a 6 hour car ride.) The scenery is stunning, so there's always something to look at.

That being said, I always like to prep some activities to keep me occupied when I'm bored of nature-watching. I've mapped out the essentials I need to bring with us next week. What do you think? Did I miss anything?

1) We stay hydrated in style.
2) Been saving it for the perfect occasion.
3) Organic, so they're healthy... right?
4) Fairy tales to pass the time.
5) For staying warm in blasting AC.
6) Sun shades.
7) If everyone's breath is bad, they can't smell yours.
8) For instant memories.

photo source

WIN IT // Right Soap Giveaway

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Of late, I've found myself meticulously careful about what I'm putting on my skin. If skin is our biggest organ, shouldn't we try to keep it as chemical-free as possible? So we're not absorbing all that yuck into our systems? I think so...

That's why I'm so excited about today's giveaway! Right Soap, one of my amazing sponsors, is giving one Hello Lately reader two handmade, natural, unscented, vegan bars of soap. All of their products are 100% organic - so, you don't have to worry about absorbing anything unnatural.

If you win, you'll get to choose whatever two kinds of soap you want. (For a list of all the options, click here.)

Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

WEAR IT // Color Block Shoes

Monday, July 16, 2012

For a long, long, long time, I only owned brown shoes. I was adamant that all of my shoes matched my hair... and since I have brown hair, well. You see the connection.

But a few months ago, I looked into my closet with fresh eyes and realized: too much brown is bland. If I wanted my wardrobe to match my personality (which is anything but boring,) I needed more color.

So, I've been on the hunt for colorific shoes. And, what's the best place to get interesting, colorful shoes? The thrift store. (Good thing I'm doing a thrift store challenge!)

I found these color block gems at Goodwill for $5.99! I kind of feel like an 80's Barbie doll when I wear them. And if they're good enough for Barbie, they're good enough for me. (P.S. - Barbie, if you're reading this: I'm sorry that my mom sold you in that garage sale. For the record, I was just as surprised as you were. I hope you're not angry with me...)

Then, when I put this outfit together, I knew I had to keep the color to a minimum. I didn't want anything else to compete/clash with the shoes! (Style is all about balance.)

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. With my brother in town, I laughed more than I have in a LONG time. (But more on that later.)

If you're interested in my other thrift store outfits, you can find them here and here.

Life with the Pieps

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Friday, I announced that I'd be starting a new Friday column ("Life with the Pieps") to help me practice my photography and document my life. But despite my great intentions this week, I think I failed. I brought my camera with me practically everywhere, but I felt awkward and clumsy. And, I didn't get very many good shots. Oh well, I guess that's why you have to practice, right? 

Though you can't tell from the above photos, this week was surprisingly jam-packed with exciting adventures. I found a fun little thrift store in Pasadena (where I got the above lamp and storks.) Zach and I had dinner at Oscar's Cerveteca in Venice with friends. We brought a picnic to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch Bringing Up Baby. We revisited our favorite noodle place in Atwater Village. We had corn-flake flavored ice cream at Scoops. I listened to our new Thriller record on repeat. And, I got a fun little gift from my friend Ashley (from Sugar & Cloth.)

Wouldn't it have been great if I could've caught all that on camera? Yea, I know. 

But, I'll get another shot this weekend. My little brother's in town, and we've got lots of exciting events on the agenda. 

Do you have any fun plans? 
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