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WEAR IT // My New BAN.DO Pom Pom Flower, Three Ways

Monday, June 18, 2012

[Target earrings, pom pom, Target shirt, Express skirt, Kate Spade bangle, Urban Outfitters shoes]

When I'm sick and tired of my wardrobe (which is pretty much everyday,) sometimes I just need a new accessory to liven things up and get me excited about my clothing prospects again. is always the first place I go when looking for new accessories. (Zach now recognizes the little boxes when they arrive on my doorstep: "Wait, What did you get this time?") All of their stuff is just so fun... and colorful! And, since I'm on a new kick to remove all neutral tones from my wardrobe, is right up my alley. 

A few weeks ago, during one of their sales, I ordered a new purple pom pom for my collection. And since then, I've been having fun trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe. Accessories like this can sometimes be intimidating, so I thought I'd share three ways that I've been wearing mine. Why? Because ultimately, I want you to start wearing them too! (The world would be so much more fun if everyone wore pom poms.)

Way #1: At Your Collar 

Boring business outfits become more fun when you add a few splashes of color. Wear a pom on your collar you'll give your coworkers something interesting to look at (and be envious of) during that freakishly long healthcare seminar.

Way #2: As a Broach

[Tiffany earrings, J.Crew shirt, pom pom, heart, Anthropologie skirt, J.Crew shoes]

Can green, red, purple, yellow, and leopard print coexist in the same outfit? I say YES! Here, I paired my new pom with another classic (remember when I wore it for Valentines Day?) You might get some stares - but it's just because everyone else is jealous of you. Trust me.

Way #3: In Your Hair

[American Eagle sunnies, pom pom, Anthropologie earrings, Anthropologie shirt, Kate Spade bangle, Express pants]

This look is all about channeling your inner Senorita. You can wear the pom just above your ear (like I did) - or if you have long hair (like I don't,) you could also pin it into a pretty updo. Voila! Instant glam.

Also, I just noticed that all of these outfits have stripes in them. Apparently I can't hide my current obsessions.

That's all for today... Make sure you check back tomorrow for an awesome giveaway!


  1. love this one! That yellow skirt is amazing.

    1. Thanks! The Anthropologie sale rack always treats me right. :)

  2. hi Alison, you have a really beautiful blog! i came over from to see this sweet feature and then got busy looking ALL around your space. i like your style and all the graphic design elements you include are spot on awesome!! you are all kinds of adorable and your many darling expressions make me smile. happy week wishes! ♥

    1. You're so sweet! I always feel awkward taking pictures for fashion posts - so I try to make it a little more fun. Love your blog! We're headed to Vancouver in July - any tips/trips/secrets we should know about?

  3. hey Alison,

    talk about sweet, okay you are that and so much more! i hardly ever check back to comments in others posts i made but for some reason last night i came back here and read your very kind words. thank you! i didn't have time, cos we were about to tuck in, to comment back but now i've come back again to do just that.

    stoked you'll be coming to Van! if you need anything at all...a tour guide, a lift somewhere, anything just ask. honestly when i'm stumped as to what's going on in our city i usually end up scouring Scout Mag. it's full of the latest/greatest goings on and their article called "SCOUT LIST: 10 Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now & Next Week" is brilliant!

    other than that i'd say Medina for brunch (lavender latte's okay!), Havana for b,l,d cos it's all good there! Nicli Antica Pizzeria is fab and so is Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie or housexguest. i could go on and on and will if you want me to, baha! my primary hood is Gastown, i love eclectic, artistic haunts. not so into posh perspectives i'm afraid. it's even got it's own blog, check it.

    is it surprising i've focused in on food here? ah well, you gotta spend some time on our fab Seawall and possibly get tickets to a play at Bard on the Beach. have fun planning lades, i'm sure you'll have a total blast and hope this helps some. xo ♥

    1. Oh yay! These are fantastic ideas!! I'm so excited that I found you! I'll let you know if I have any questions. :)


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