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Monday, June 4, 2012

[Brass Plum necklace, Buffalo Exchange shirt, Forever 21 skirt, DSW nail polish]

Nicole and I graduated from the same college on the same day of the same year... but I didn't know she existed until a year ago when she started as the receptionist at the company I was working at (funny how life works.) From day one, I admired this girl's style - because, let's be honest, I respect a person who can rock a good color and pattern.

A few weeks ago, Nicole invited me over to her... church for the evening. (Yep, that's right: she lives in a little apartment on the third floor of an old church.) She and I and Megan (remember Megan?) spent some time rifling through her colorful closet to decide on an outfit that best represents Nicole's style.

We decided on one that's perfect for summer. Nicole put two patterned pieces together (which I love) and then gave it some pops of color with a chartreuse necklace and azure shoes.

I'm at a point where I no longer believe there are rules when it comes to mixing patterns and colors. As long as you're confident (and as long as your clothes fit properly) you can pretty much mix anything.

I'm so excited that I got to spend some time highlighting sweet Nicole and her adorable style. She's definitely challenged me to add more color into my wardrobe (since currently, all my shoes are brown.) And, mixed patterns seem the perfect way to add spice into my summer wardrobe.

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