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Birthday Gift Guide {For a Dad Who Bikes Over 100 Miles Each Week and Who Travels to Africa Twice a Year}

Thursday, June 7, 2012

 I don't get to brag on my dad enough.

Like other teenagers, my dad and I butt heads while I was in high school and college. I'm basically the female version of him, so it could get intense during our disagreements (which were many and often.)

But since I've moved away from home, and have heard more stories, and have met more people, and have glanced into the lives of  my neighbors, I've often found myself thanking God for the rare gem that is my father. My dad is such a good man - and I don't use that phrase lightly. I mean "good" in the way of it's definition: excellent, of high quality, and virtuous.

My dad is a minister, which is one of the most terrible jobs (in my opinion.) You get to see the worst in people, and are rarely thanked for your hard work. But, my dad continues to be strong, and to laugh, and to offer kindness, and to forgive, and to love - and his life shows the fruit of this.

So dad, happy (early) birthday. Now, help me pick out your gift! The options are:

1) Cycling's Golden Age: Because you LOVE history, and cycling, and huge coffee table books.
2) New, Leather Luggage Tags: For your next trip around the world (which is in November when we're going to Kenya together, right?)
3) Toy Story 1, 2, & 3: Because you always loved Pixar movies as much as we did... and I still laugh about the time that you lifted my "grounding" so we could go see Toy Story 2 together.
4) A compass: For when you (finally) climb Kilimanjaro.
5) #1 Dad Trophy: To say thanks for all the volleyball, softball, and track award ceremonies you happily sat through. And for every, single game you attended - I always knew you'd be there cheering.
6) Bike Glow Lights: For when you ride at night... sometimes I worry about you being on the road in the dark.


  1. A great selection..he sounds like a terrific person. I am the female version of my dad!

  2. Thanks - he IS a terrific person. :) Love your photography!


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