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WEAR IT // More Color, Please

Monday, May 7, 2012

There was a period in my life (try 2008 - 2011) where my wardrobe was virtually colorless. During that time, my favorite colors were white and brown and my closet contained an astonishing range of beige. (During this time period, I was planning my March wedding. My mom about fainted when I said I wanted my bridesmaid dresses to be brown.)

In the last few months though, I've found myself gravitating towards brighter and brighter colors. I'm bored of all my neutral clothes, and I want to go buy a rainbow of new pieces.

But, since it's unrealistic for me to buy a whole new line of clothes, my goal this summer is to ramp up my colorful accessories. By adding bright necklaces, earrings, bow ties and hats to a colorless palate, I think I can spice things up a bit.

What do you think?

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