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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let's just get real. This week has been a rough one.

All week, I've felt perpetually behind. My to-do list has kept growing and growing, but I can never seem to get anything done. At the end of each day, I feel stressed... but I'm not sure where all my time went.

Ever have a week like that?

Despite my sour mood, there were still a few lovely moments that kept me sane. And before we go into this weekend, I'd prefer to have those memories fresh on my brain.

...Like Kara's wedding last weekend. I still feel like I'm on a high from the trip! Looking back through my pictures this week, I realized how blessed I am to have such amazing in-laws.  And I'm so honored to be fully embraced as one of their own.

...Or the two fashion photography shoots I did. In the next few weeks, I'm really excited to be featuring a few of my friends in my Monday style column (remember the one I did with Megan?) Since we all have different body types, I think it's fun to showcase how other people style themselves.

...Or the cute little puppy I got to hang out with every day. Since Kara and Tim are off gallivanting around San Francisco on their honeymoon, Zach and I got custody of Enzo (their long-haired dachshund) for the week. It's been nice to have a little buddy sitting on my feet while I work every day. Plus, he's a really great snuggler.

So, I guess there are things to be happy about, despite my grumpiness. And, like my mom always says, this too shall pass.

Happy weekend, friends! Before you go, don't forget to enter this week's Angelique, Ink drawing!


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