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MAKE IT // Cinco De Mayo Decorations

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The countdown to Zach's Cinco de Mayo birthday party is quickly coming to an end. On Saturday, a month's worth of hard work will spin into motion - and a bunch of people (I'm actually not quite sure how many because I've been inviting people and not keeping track) will be at our house to party.

This week, our living room is looking like the inside of a wholesale party store. There's a pinata under our entry table, limes next to the TV, and seven cacti in the middle of the kitchen floor (it's the best direct sunlight in our apartment, OK?!) It's getting a little insane, so we're happy that Saturday will be here soon.

Since I've been in "launching-my-new-website-while-planning-a-huge-birthday-party" mode, I haven't had too much time to start any new craft projects. But, I thought I'd show you some of the simple decorations I've planned for Saturday:

Confession: I hope this isn't sacrilegious, but I've always loved Catholic candles. I especially love the ones with the ornate drawings of the Virgin Mary and Jesus - seriously, I think they're beautiful (in their own kitchy way.) I wanted to have those at the party, but Zach didn't think they'd be appropriate (I get it, I get it.) So, we got plain white ones instead. I think they give the same vibe, without the potential of offending someone.

Then, limes are a super easy (and cheap) way to bring in some color to a centerpiece. These limes come to us straight from Mexico (via Costco.)

Any of my old coworkers know I have a hankering for paper streamers. Every birthday that I decorate for includes some combination of colorful paper hanging from the ceiling. Why would Zach's birthday be any different?

Finally, I love finding the beauty in things that are generally considered ugly - like tin cans. When you really look at tin can though, they're interesting (all those groves and lines.) I think they'd make great vases for little bundles of carnations. Normally I HATE carnations (with a capital "H") but when they're all bundled together in a monochromatic pattern, they can be quite pretty.

Have you ever held a Cinco de Mayo party? What did you do to decorate?

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