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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blogs are like friends. There are many that I like, but only so many that I can actively pursue on a regular basis (Yea, yea. That's a terrible analogy, I know.)

In my bloggy backpack, there are about 15 blogs that I read regularly. I wish I could fit more in there, but I just don't have the time. (Although I'm definitely open to suggestions, if you know a blog that I MUST read: Let me know!) Right now, it contains a few blogs focused on fashion, a few on design, a few that celebrate general lifestyle, and a few on food.

Since people sometimes ask me about the blogs I read, I thought I'd start highlighting a few of these favorites here. And, since Thursday is "Eat It" day, I think food is the best place to start.

Although I LOVE the idea of having lots of cookbooks in my kitchen, I realize this dream isn't a necessity. There's an ample supply of fabulous recipes on food blogs. And, if you find a recipe on a food blog, not only do you get lots of pictures of the final product (which, c'mon, is the best part of cookbooks) but you also get the chef's personalized commentary ("this recipe called for 3 eggs, but I added in another because blah, blah, blah.")

That being said, there are a few specific things I look for in a food blog: 1) great photography, 2) personality, and 3) fantastic recipes. The following three have high marks in each of those categories. I can't wait to share them with you!

1. Joy the Baker

When I found Joy, it was love at first site (get it, site? hah.) She's one of those people who I kinda hate (in a good way) because she's so talented and creative. Her recipes use the most unique blends of ingredients (remember this beet cake I made?) and they taste AMAZING. Plus, she's a master stylist - meaning her photographs are arranged in the perfect way. I always want to jump into my computer and sit down for dinner at one of those tables she's set.

But the best part about her blog is her personality - which shines through everywhere. I feel like she's my BFF, and we're just chatting on the phone about the new guy she met, or what sandals she bought, and how much she loves her church.

She's real. I like that.

2. Smitten Kitchen

When someone first introduced me to Smitten Kitchen, they used the word "decadent" to describe it. Now, every time I visit this site, I hear that word resonating in my head. Because it's true, Deb Perelman's recipes are decadent.

The photos are decadent, the food is decadent, the ingredients are decadent. And after reading a post, I feel like I've just eaten at a 4 star restaurant. (Yes, I'm weird. And I really get into my blogs.)

3. Annie's Eats

I started reading Annie's Eats for the cupcake recipes (she's got a million, and they're all great... remember these?) But, then I stuck around for her other stuff too. Annie's recipes remind me of home. I don't think they could be classified as "comfort food," but that's what they are for me. They're all recipes that my mom would make. (And if you've had my mom's cookin,' you know it's good.)

Whew! So, there they are! My top three food blogs! Did I miss any? Let me know if you've got another that I should check out! :)

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  1. check this one, it's in Spanish, but what I've seen there makes me want to get a dictionary asap..

  2. Oh, yum!! Thanks for the suggestion! This looks amazing!


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