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Birthday Gift Guide {For A Younger Brother Who's Done EVERYTHING from Researching Monkeys in the Amazon to Working on Wall Street}

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My baby brother, who will perpetually be 6 in my head, is actually turning 23 next Saturday (which just makes me feel OLD.) Last year, Arden spent his birthday with Zach and I (right before he took off for Europe for the summer.) But this year, he's in San Antonio, or Quebec, or Boston, or Chicago or something - so we won't get to see him on his special day. Instead of making him a birthday cupcake, I'll have to send his gift via snail mail.

Now, I just have to decide what to get him? Do I go for something funny? Sentimental? Useful?

Here are the options I've come up with. What do you think?

1. Scratch Map: All he needs is a coin to scratch off the places he's gone, and reveal the colors underneath. (Only two continents left til he's conquered the world!)
2. How To Be A Gentleman: A book on gentlemanliness from Brooks Brothers? Could anything be more perfect for Arden? Please.
3. Animal Butt Magnets. These are hilarious... and I'm pretty sure he's seen all of these animals in the wild (although maybe not from this angle.)  
4. Right Soap. We had a mini family feud last Christmas, when I stole some Body Shop soap from Arden during a gift exchange. I probably should make it up to him.
5. Laguiole Multi-Function Tool. Did I mention that he's a backpacker/mountain climber? Those people need tools like this.
6. I LEGO N.Y. Because I know New York still has a special place in his heart (plus, it would look great on that coffee table of his.)
7. Lobster Tee. One can never have enough J.Crew t-shirts.


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