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WEAR IT // Dressing Your Man {Happy Birthday, Zach!}

Monday, April 30, 2012

[J.Crew shirt, J.Crew shorts, TOMS shoes]

Today, my handsome husband is turning 26. Birthdays are a big deal in our house: so he's getting a fabulous breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon, carrot juice), enchiladas for dinner (by request), a pineapple upside-down cake (his favorite), and lots of presents.  Plus, on Saturday we're celebrating with all our friends with a Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

He deserves it all.

My marriage with Zach is the biggest blessing I've every received. And, I'm so thankful for another year of life to share with him.

Since it's his birthday and all, Zach has kindly agreed to let me write another "Dressing Your Man" post (because many of you seemed to like the last one.) It was also a nice excuse to get outside and practice photographing with my new lens filters (which I failed miserably at.. but hey, it was my first time!)

The weather in Los Angeles was sweltering this weekend... especially in our apartment (yea, we don't really have an air conditioner.) Since summer seems to be here already, over the next month I thought I'd share what Zach and I wear when it gets hot hot hot.

This outfit is one that Zach lives in during the summer. It's casual enough for picnics in the park or walks on the beach, but it can easily transition into casual dining attire in the evening (well, at least here in LA.) The striped shirt is a nice layer that can be removed/added if the weather gets too cold or hot. Plus, I just love stripes on stripes... especially on men.

The above photo is my favorite. Its the only one where the filter I chose actually worked (somewhat.)

And then, here's what I've been wearing this weekend: 

During the summer, I like to wear simple (boring) cotton pieces. But, then I add color and interest through accessories. That way, I still look fun - but I don't have a lot of extra clothes weighing me down.

What about you? How do you stay fashionable when the weather gets crazy hot?


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