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Snapshots of Easter

Monday, April 9, 2012

So, I love Easter.

Besides the significance it has in my personal life, I also feel like it's a celebration of springtime. After 3 cold and dark months, color is finally starting to creep back into the world. And that, my friends, requires a party.

This year, we kept our party pretty simple. Kara, Zach's sister, came over for the perfect little brunch. I made quiche for the first time (amazing recipe here) which required that I wake up early to roll out the dough.

Our menu consisted of mini pancake stacks (as appetizers,) mimosas, fruit salad, coffee cake and quiche, of course.

Then we spent the afternoon catching up, eating second helpings of coffee cake (well done Kara,) and snuggling with Enzo the puppy (he's Kara's... although I wish he was ours.)

It was the perfect day... although I found myself missing my parents and brother a lot. Holidays away from them are always hard.

How was your Easter Sunday? Did you celebrate? What did you do?


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