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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of the things that attracted Zach and I to our little apartment was the office nook sandwiched between the living room and bedroom. After moving in though, it quickly became a "catch-all" for documents that needed to be filed, craft projects, and miscellaneous books. (Confession: it was MESS-Y. And the "before" pictures below are super embarrassing.)

When I decided to start working from home almost 2 months ago, I knew our office needed a makeover. But, it's taken me a while to finally get things organized. In fact, I just finished this week. Since I'm pretty excited about the new look (especially in comparison to before,) I thought I'd include you in the process.

My crafting supplies had gotten a little out of hand. So, I had to go through every drawer and basket and throw out stuff I no longer use. Then, instead of keeping piles of pictures and items that inspire me, I made an "inspiration string" (or two) to hang above my computer screen.

I liked the idea of including a huge chalkboard in the office to remind me of tasks. Since I was running out of clean wall space though, I instead painted a big chalkboard square on our bedroom door. Now, at all times, I know what I should be working on.

Ah, it feels so much better now! I find that I'm much more relaxed when I'm working in a clean space.

What about you? What does your workspace look like? Do you work better when it's clean, or are you inspired by a mess?


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