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NEW YORK // What We Did

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I like being married to Zach because we have the same idea about vacations - they're supposed to be relaxing. So when we travel, we try not to have too much of an agenda. If we want to sleep in, we do. If we want to stay out late, we do. There are zero rules on vacation days.

So, a week in New York was perfect - we got to see/do everything we wanted, but in our own leisurely way. (That being said, no matter how leisurely you explore the city, there's TONS of walking involved. We've been home for 4 days and my feet are still killing me.)

Besides walking our feet off, we did a lot of other fun things (that I know you're dying to hear about, right?) So, here they are (in no particular order):

We walked The Highline in Chelsea. (It's a park built on top of old railroad tracks that run above the city.)

We also got lost in the West Village (multiple times,) read and relaxed in various coffee shops throughout the city, and saw a comedy show at Amy Poehler's Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (and the Williamsburg Bridge... which made us never want to walk across a bridge again.)

We explored Brooklyn Bridge Park, wandered around Williamsburg, spotted Bri Emery (story here,) and bought some new records.

We ate at Chelsea Market (twice.) It's pretty much the best food court (?) I've ever been to. (Recommendation: never go during the weekend. Weekdays are much less crowded.)

We wandered the East Village, LOVED the Tenement Museum, explored Soho, and gorged ourselves on rice pudding.

We (and three school buses full of kids) learned about dinosaurs, African mammals, aquatic life, and farming at the American Museum of Natural History.

We brunched at Cafe Lalo (where they filmed the blind-date scene in You've Got Mail - my favorite movie,) ate dinner in Hell's Kitchen, and saw Wicked!

We toured the Statue of Libery and Ellis Island (and learned some insightful information about immigration.)

We walked down Wall Street, saw the World Trade Center Memorial, passed through Times Square, and people-watched at 30 Rock. 

We rented bikes and rode through Central Park (not worth it, next time I'd just walk.)

We saw the John Lennon memorial, listened to some incredible jazz at The Village Vanguard, and ate THE BEST butternut squash ravioli (in sour cream sauce) at Extra Virgin.

We re-lived my art history days by admiring my favorite Jackson Pollock (One: Number 31, 1950) at MOMA.

We also ate LOTS of cupcakes, wandered down 5th Avenue, candied up at Dylan's, and ran into Julianne Moore.

For a leisurely vacation, I guess we accomplished a lot! All in all, I'm so happy we went - it was the best 1st anniversary trip I could've imagined. :)


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