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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tonight was my second "girls night" in two days. It was a particularly fun date (peppered with laughter, good wine, lemon cake and karate.) But when I got home, I crawled into bed next to my husband... and promptly fell asleep.

It's been that kind of week.

It's a good thing Zach's my biggest cheerleader, otherwise I'd drooling into my pillow right now. He woke me up 30 minutes later with a kiss and "No sleeping until you finish blogging."


Here's the three things I dragged myself out of bed to tell you about (and yes, the Valentines theme was unintentional):

I got to flip my Anthropologie calendar from January to February. It's pretty much the cutest calendar I've ever had, and each month has a really fun design. So, yes... I was excited. (Either my life's super boring, or I get really weirdly happy about the little things.)

Ok, I admit. I stole the idea for number 2 from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. But, I really like the idea of a single, different-colored nail - flocked with some serious sparkle. And, since Valentines day is on the way, I was feeling festive. For a girl who never paints her nails - this was a fun treat that still felt cutting edge.

If you follow my Twitter or Instagram accounts, you know I've posting about this puppy all week (sorry) - but I don't care. I love my new heart. I mean seriously, I can't get enough. It's great because you can pin it to your clothes - but it also includes a clip for hair (hello, dual purposes!) I'll be the best-dressed gal at every Valentines party I attend.

But, right about now, we're at the point where I want to rip my contacts off my eyeballs. So, yea. Its probably time to call it quits for the night.

I'm really excited about next week though - I'm out of town for part of the week (work conference) but there will still be some awesome things to read about on the blog. So, keep checking back!


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