Friday, February 24, 2012

Yesterday, for the first time in a while, I went stocking-less to work. That's right folks, it was warm enough to head outside with uncovered legs and open-toed shoes. (You know you're jealous.)

I'm hoping this nice weather stays through the weekend. Sunny Saturdays always make me happy. :)

Here are three other things that made me happy this week (I hope you're impressed by that transition):

How huge are these lemons?? (I added a regular sized lemon up front for effect.) I was all over these freebies as soon as a coworker brought in a big box after their backyard fruit tree went a little crazy. Looks like we'll probably be having a few lemon cupcakes/pies/bars in the house soon. (Oh, or lemonade! I love lemonade... Plus, it's super easy to make with our juicer...)

I'm so proud of my still-alive succulent. We got this little guy at a flea market back in September. And, I haven't killed him yet! (A huge feat for me, the most notorious plant-murderer.) Please ignore the fact that we bought three other plants that day... none of which were "available" for the photoshoot yesterday (*cough.*)

I've literally returned 4 pairs of brown boots this winter. FOUR. None of them seemed to be quite right - some were too lose in the calves; others were too slouchy in the front. All my misery paid off though, when I found these on sale. Finally, the perfect pair (just in time for, you know, our big trip to NY?)

I hope your weekend is as sunny as mine - and that you find some time to explore! (Oh, and make sure you tune in for the Oscars on Sunday night - I'm voting for "The Descendants" as best picture.)

Much love...


  1. mmm lemons. my parents have a lemon tree so i pinned a bunch of recipes on my board. i highly suggest ina garten's citrus yogurt cake (basically you can make it with any citrus fruit and any add-ins you want) and lemon sugar cookies (don't even like sugar cookies and these were amazing).

    p.s. so excited for your new job(s)! way to take a risk and live out what you love.

  2. Thanks Oneida! I'll totally have to check out your board - you've always got cute stuff up there.

    And thanks for you encouragement! I'm super excited about this next step. Love you guys.

  3. We had an unusually sunny weekend too and it was the BEST thing ever after a miserable winter. Feels like spring is on its way. Woo.

    1. Josie - I totally understand the feeling. Although, it looked like your little family had some fun in the snow recently! At least you're making lemonade with your lemons. :)


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