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WEAR IT // I Hate All My Clothes {Valentines Day}

Monday, February 13, 2012

This weekend, while shopping with my mom, I realized my style of clothing is changing (again.)

The more I follow Bri Emery (whom I dreamt about last night... creepy?), the more I find myself gravitating towards bright colors, interesting patterns, and eccentric accessories - like the above heart broach, which I purchased in honor of Valentines Day.

Today, I'm continuing the tradition of recent posts (found here & here), in which I attempt to revitalize my wardrobe using clothes I already have. This time, however, I expanded the outfit options to include both day and evening apparel. Because, let's face it - dressing for a "love" holiday can be tricky... especially when you're accessorizing with a broach the size of your hand.

First up - work attire. Since Valentines Day is on a Tuesday this year, most of us will still have to go to work (bummer.) But a festive broach can make subtle celebrating easy.

When I'm wearing an eye-catching accessory (a friend told me the heart looks like a cartoon,) I try to make sure the rest of my clothes aren't competing. I like that the blue stripes in the shirt contrast the red sparkle of the broach - without being overwhelming.

Next - date night clothes. Zach and I tend to be a little more casual on our date nights (including Valentines Day). So, the heart was a perfectly fun addition to my go-to outfit (which, by the way, Zach picked out for my birthday last year. I like to brag.)

Again, the outfit isn't competing with the main event - the accessory! Keep everything else simple.

We're staying in for V-Day this year (because we're old people who don't like to face the crowds and traffic on holidays.) But, we're still planning on dressing up for our home-made celebration.

What are you doing and/or wearing this Valentines Day?

{work outfit: shirt = target, pants = loft, shoes = urban outfitters}
{date outfit: jacket = anthropologie, dress = anthropologie, shoes = urban outfitters}


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