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WEAR IT // I Hate All My Clothes {February's Go-To Outfit}

Monday, February 27, 2012

Zach thinks girls are weird (or maybe that just I'm weird) because whenever I get new clothes, I wear them NONSTOP for a month straight. After about a month, I get tired of said piece of clothing and start complaining about how my wardrobe sucks again. Am i the only one who does this? Please, someone tell me that you do this too.

Anyway, I'm recently got a new sweater, and I'm still in the blissful honeymoon stage where I basically wear it ALLTHETIME (yea, that's one word.) I wear it to work, to the grocery store, while cleaning the dishes, you name it - I love this sweater.

To make matters worse, I've rediscovered a beautiful belt (pictured above) that I got on sale at Anthropologie years ago. It looks fantastic with my perfect sweater... So, hello fashion rut.

Whatever. I look and feel great in my new, go-to outfit below (for this month, at least.)

I think I love this outfit so much because it fits. That may seem too simple, but I'm sometimes guilty of buying clothes (on sale or something) that don't quite fit me right. And then I feel uncomfortable when I put it on and go out. Lately, my mantra has been to buy more expensive clothes that are a better quality. I have less clothes (because I threw away tons of cheap stuff) but now I feel better in the stuff I do have.

What's your current go-to outfit? Why do you love it so much?

[sweater = anthropologie, belt = anthropologie, jeans = seven for all mankind, shoes = steve madden girl]


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