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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why is it that 4-day weeks always seem the longest? This week has completely dragged on.
Don't get me wrong - there were some definite bright spots. Date night with my hubs... happy hour with my friends... and the following three things (that I found myself loving, and using, all week):

My Kate Spade bracelet. I've been putting it on with every outfit. It's perfect for dressing up my black and gray work attire. Plus, it compliments one of my favorite pair of earrings (picked out by my uber-fashionable husband.)

Our Anthropologie coasters. Compared to the crappy Ikea coasters that we've been using until now, these are like... high class. They draw the blue from our kitchen walls out into the neutral living room. 

My favorite flower: tulips. Fresh ones are my weakness and I try to have them in the house as often as possible. There's something nice about have live accessories (plants & flowers) contrasting with our wood, glass, and ceramic furniture.
And now (*yay!*) it's Saturday. I'm super excited about this weekend - I have high and lofty goals of RELAXING (and maybe making some cupcakes and/or Valentine's Day cards.)
Wishing you warmth and whimsy until the certainty of Monday. 
{photos by me}


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