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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's keep this brief. Date night starts in 40 minutes... which means the Zachster and I aren't supposed to use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, Flipboard or Pinterest for the rest of the evening(ish.)

As you can see, I've gotta write this post quickly! So here's what I've been lovin' on all week: 

My cousin got us a record player as a wedding gift (totally unexpected; completely genius.) Since then, the apartment is constantly filled with music from the current favs: Adele, Mutemath, Coldplay, Sufjan, etc. But, this week, I got all up into classical music by jamming to Handel. These records came as gift from my world-traveler parents who picked up some vintage vinyl at a Berlin street fair last fall. (Yea, my family's pretty rad.)

I generally love to bake. But there are definitely weeks (like this one) where I don't want to go near an oven. On these particular days, to satisfy my sweet tooth I lean heavily on the support of dark chocolate infused with sea salt. Dark chocolate's good for you - so I don't feel that guilty having a few bites (as long as I only have a few bites.)

New obsession: magenta lipstick. I got some a few months back for a special occasion - but haven't really touched it since. Well, until a few weeks ago when I decided I loved this color and wanted to wear it more often. So, I've been wearing it to work... and to the movies... and when I run errands. Who says you can't have bright pink lips on a random Wednesday at Trader Joes? Not me!

I'm SO glad tomorrow's Friday. This weekend, Zach and I are going on an "urban hike" so I can't practice shooting portraits (he's gonna be the model - we'll see how that goes) and then I'm hoping to get some quality lounge time in.

Until next time, happy weekend!

{photos by me}


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