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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My wardrobe needs some refreshing. Lately, I've been wearing the same outfits over and over - because they're easy and I know they look good.  But now, I'm bored with everything. Something needs to change. 

Instead of going on a shopping spree, I've decided to try looking at my wardrobe with new eyes. I realized I have so many accessories that I never wear - because I've never taken the time to figure out HOW to wear them.

No more.

Every Sunday, from now on, I'll focus on a specific accessory and show how I've developed an new outfit around it. My hope is to expand my current wardrobe without spending very much extra money. And in the process, maybe you'll be inspired by my findings. :)

First up, a Roots necklace I got for Christmas. I LOVE the color of these beads, but I've had difficulty pairing them with anything.

Today, I decided to try it under the collar of my (current) favorite shirt. Its shimmery texture barely peaks out above the first button.

Then, I added a black pencil skirt, (imaginary) black pantyhose, and leopard print flats.

When I wear a flowey shirt, like this one, I like to contrast it with a structured pant or skirt on the bottom. It think it helps to define my waist.

Then, I'm always a sucker for fun leg-ware... but since the shirt is loud and the shoes are patterned, I didn't think it'd be the best choice in this situation. Black (sheer) pantyhose are always a good alternative.

First outfit = success!

Looking forward to next week...

{photos by me. shirt = XXI, skirt = express, shoes = j.crew}


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