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MAKE IT // Valentines Day Cards

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

 On a recent trip to Target, I found myself shaded by a banner of pink and red hearts. The bright colors had called unto me from afar. And they coerced me into entering... Yes. The Valentines Day card aisle. 

It wasn't until I got home that I smacked myself in the head. Why on earth did I buy those stupid, commercialized cards? Why, when I of all people, LOVE making my own?

Oops... momentary memory lapse.

So, I returned the cards (yes, I'm that cheap) and headed to Paper Source instead.

Now, Paper Source can be overwhelming for me. I want everything! I spend my time in the store flitting from display to display, picking things up and then putting them down. It's so hard to decide! This time, however, I only bought ONE item. A pack of flat, heart-shaped cards and little red envelopes. My goal = make the best Valentines ever using only my stashed-away craft supplies. (Hey, we're in a recession people.)

I'm pretty proud of the result:

I know I should've done some sort of tutorial (the masses need to know!), but I'm not really sure how these happened. I didn't take any specific steps; I just pulled out a bunch of lace and ribbon and twine and paper and started gluing.

But please, feel free to steal the ideas!

I can't wait for my friends and family to receive their little love notes in the mail!

{photos by me}


  1. They're lovely. How did you glue the lace on the back?


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